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JL answers your questions

What is currently being done about sustainability?

At Jane Lushka, we design clothes that last. In response to global developments in sustainable fashion, we use organic materials made by carefully selected and trusted European manufacturers. This allows us to monitor every single stage of our sustainable production cycle, with the aim of reducing the use of water, energy, chemicals and waste.

Still, at Jane Lushka we are constantly looking for new sustainable fabrics to add to our collections. For example, we offer new styles made of eco-cotton and eco-viscose. Our packaging is durable as well, made from recycled paper, while the 'plastic' we use is made from the remains of potatoes. We also store and recycle all parts and materials that are not used in the production to make our marketing tools out of them, such as bags and notebooks.



What are your sustainability goals for the next five years?

Climate change remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Therefore, we aim to raise our sustainability ambitions even more!

We have been using sustainable materials for some time now. For example, we offer new styles in luxurious and comfortable eco-cotton and eco-viscose. Our goal is to produce 80% of the entire collection from 100% recycled materials within five years.

These new developments are great to combine with our existing fabrics. Our pattern department spends a lot of effort in making the design highly comfortable as you are used to from us.


Do you at Jane Lushka have your own quality marks and standards that you value?

All our garments are made of high-quality fabrics and executed in timeless and seasonless designs that last. Our clothes can be worn in every phase of life, because the items are always relevant.

The consumer who likes to shop with us is someone who appreciates high-quality clothing, for which the earth doesn’t have to pay and for which no people are exploited. Moreover, we believe in an ethical approach. At Jane Lushka, every person involved is treated with the respect they deserve. We know who we work with and we are concerned with their well-being. We also strive not to over-produce and only work with manufacturers close to home.