Bit by bit, we do better for the planet we so much adore.

Let's talk about PEF - Product Environmental Footprint

The PEF measures the Feel-good Fabrics' environmental footprint. Only knowing our impact, we will be able to reduce it. This way we want to inspire you to make the best choices that have the best positive impact on the planet.

To make a conscious choice, check the footprint of every item in its product description.


Water footprint

What is the impact of our water consumption?

This parameter estimates the impoverishment of water caused by human activities carried out in a specific area, comparing water consumption to local water availability.

Energy footprint

To what extent are we responsible for the exhaustion of natural resources?

This parameter estimates the total amount of energy consumed to make a product, taking into account its entire life cycle and consumption from manufacturing, process and transportation.

Carbon footprint

How much do we contribute to climate change?

This parameter estimates the influence of greenhouse gas emissions on global average temperature changes and their consequences on the world's climate over a century.