Made in Europe

Production in Europe

At Jane Lushka we are proud to produce our casual-chic and comfortable clothing in Europe. Specifically, we produce our clothing in Bulgaria. Why Bulgaria? Because we believe in supporting local craftsmanship and reducing our ecological footprint by producing close to home.



Our choice of European production allows us to benefit from high-quality materials and production techniques that stand the test of time. This allows us to make clothing that is not only beautiful, but also lasts a long time. We believe in creating garments that are an investment, rather than disposable items that quickly become worn out.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Furthermore, production in Europe makes it possible to reduce our ecological footprint. By producing locally we reduce the CO2 emissions associated with transporting clothing over long distances. This fits with our commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.


Ethical production

In addition to striving for high quality, we also attach great importance to ethical production. We only work with manufacturers who share our values ​​and are committed to fair working conditions and wages for their employees. This way, our customers can enjoy our clothing with peace of mind, knowing that it has been produced in an ethical and responsible manner.

Choose quality, sustainability and ethical production

So, when you choose Jane Lushka, you not only choose stylish and comfortable clothing, but also quality, sustainability and ethical production. Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a fashion industry that is better for people and the planet.