Indiansummer Looks

Step out of your comfort zone while staying comfortable

with these curated looks by Jane Lushka's stylist.

Sunday Streetwear

How cool is this look! Celebrate the end of summer in off white, crème and soft brown. Combine with a nice bag and eye-catching sunglasses.

Time to get dressed.

A cool co-ord for an everyday occasion. Make it cool and elegant and wear loafers underneath. Prefer to add a more feminine touch? Put on a nice hat and a matching coat!

Pre-fall street style.

A pre-fall streetstyle look. The super comfortable sweatpants and hooded sweater are fun to combine. For the women who want something less casual, this look is also nice with leather pants underneath!

Styling Tips #8

by janelushka-en

Step out of your comfort zone while staying comfortable with these curated looks by Jane Lushka's stylist.

Dreamy Italian pre-fall

by janelushka-en

With the summer in full swing, thinking about your pre-fall wardrobe is up next. The Jane Lushka team is dreaming of Italy. Its pittoresk villages, pasta dinners and lunches, negronis on the rocks and sunshine all day. Wearing romantic prints, flowy materials and styles that match la Dolce Vita.

Step into summer with Jane Lushka

by janelushka-en

The scent of rose petals spreads across the street as you enjoy your morning walk, elderflower tied together like clouds in the city parks. Summer is in the air and in our minds. A summer wardrobe is inevitable, although we strongly recommend that you don't limit it to the seasons. Our latest Grita jumpsuit looks great with a blazer on a cloudy day or chilly evening, and our yellow pantsuit remains a favourite long after summer is over.

Jane Lushka’s Guide

by janelushka-en

At Jane Lushka, we design clothes that last. Clothes to feel comfortable and most importantly yourself in. Clothes to wear with a conscious, responsible mind. In response to global developments in sustainable fashion, we use organic materials made by carefully selected and trusted European manufacturers. This allows us to monitor every single stage of our sustainable production cycle, with the aim of reducing the use of water, energy, chemicals and waste. We try to be as transparent as possible and to create awareness on sustainable ways of living, clothes being a huge part of that. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to creating a sustainable relationship with your wardrobe and how to make it last.